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Sewell Fire Company

Mantua Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

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Fireman's Wife's Prayer


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The Sewell Fire Company dedicates this page to the spouses of firefighters who, in the line of duty, made the supreme sacrifice  so that others may live.

May They Rest In Peace, Never To Be Forgotten!

The Fireman's Wife's Prayer

The table's set, the meal's prepared, our guests will soon arrive.

My husband once more disappears with a hope of keeping a child alive.

While waiting at home alone, our plans having gone awry,

My first impulse is merely to sit right down and cry.

But soon again I realize the importance of my life

When I agreed to take on the duties of being a fireman's wife.

While there are many drawbacks, I'll take them in my stride,

Knowing "My Daddy saved a life" our children can say with pride.

The gusting winds and raging flames may be his final fate.

But with God's help I can remain my fireman's faithful mate.


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