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Sewell Fire Company

Mantua Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

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This page is dedicated to the departed  members of the Sewell Fire Company

Lest We Forget

Fred E. Gurk / Past Chief April 26, 1965
Edward J. Prickett August 25, 1966
John C. Dubois Jr. September 27, 1978
Fred C. Capel Jr. January 10, 1980
Charles J. Bastian November 16, 1981
Charles E. Jones March 25, 1984
Philip H. Mund Sr. February 7, 1986
Henry J. Gurk / Past Chief February 14, 1987
A. Hammond Sr. December 13, 1990
Peter Datcuk September 25, 1992
Harry A. Cox Jr. June 7, 1994
James W. Curry May 22, 1996
George Turner December 7, 2000
Robert Finlay / Past Chief September 3, 2001
Bill White October 10, 2001

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The members of the Sewell Fire Company  are volunteers from your local community who have a desire to help their neighbors.

The membership consist of firefighters, firefighter / EMTs and support personnel.

An election is held the second Tuesday of December to fill 5 Fire Officer positions, 2 Ambulance Officer positions and 8 Administrative Officer positions. The elected members are sworn into office during our annual "Installation Banquet" held the following January.

You may contact any member by sending an e-mail to: member@sewellfireco.com.

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Line Officers


22401 John Norris Firefighter
Assistant Chief 22402 Bill Johnson * Firefighter
Captain 22403 Mike McNicol Firefighter / EMT
1st Lieutenant 22404 Chuck Jones Jr Firefighter / EMT
2nd Lieutenant 22405 Russ Stevenson Firefighter
Ambulance Captain 22409 Randy McNicoll Firefighter / EMT
Ambulance Lieutenant 22410 Adam Berg Firefighter / EMT

Administrative Officers


Robert Rishel Sr. * Firefighter / Past Chief
Vice President Russ Stevenson Firefighter
Secretary Dave Block * Firefighter / Past Chief
Treasurer Bill Johnson * Firefighter
Financial Secretary Robert Rishel Sr. * Firefighter / EMT
Head Trustee Tom Rementer Firefighter / EMT
Trustee Warren Norris * Firefighter
Trustee Bob Drissel Firefighter


Bob Adler Firefighter
Dave Block * Firefighter / Past Chief
Stacy Block Support
Adam Berg Firefighter / EMT
Mark Conover Firefighter
Robert Drissel Support
Kevin Howarth* Firefighter
Cathy Hutton Photographer
Ward Hutton* Firefighter / Past Chief
Bill Johnson * Firefighter
Chuck Jones * Firefighter / EMT
Chuck Jones Jr. Firefighter / EMT
Bill Kengeter * Firefighter / EMT
Dave MacGregor Firefighter / EMT
Nick McGrath Firefighter / EMT
John McGrath Support
Tim McGrath Firefighter
Randy McNicoll Firefighter / EMT
Mike McNicoll Firefighter / EMT
Jim Neely * Firefighter
Joe Neely * Firefighter / EMT
Jackie Neeld EMT
Kurt Nelson Firefighter
Chrissy Norris Firefighter / EMT
John Norris Firefighter
Warren Norris * Firefighter / EMT
Earl Rader Firefighter / EMT
Donna Rementer Support
Tom Rementer * Firefighter / EMT
Harold Gus Rishel * Firefighter / EMT
Amy Rishel EMT
Pat Rishel Support
Robert Rishel Sr. * Firefighter / Past Chief
Dustin Rishel Support
Robert Scull * Firefighter / Past Chief
Russ Stevenson Firefighter
Mike Wenzel Firefighter
Jennifer Wenzel Firefighter / EMT
Rudy Vallee Firefighter

* Indicates Life Member

Life Members (Inactive)

Steve Avis Life Member
Paul Bogard Life Member
Don Castor Life Member
Albert Chance Life Member
Don Chew Life Member
Don Chew Sr. Life Member / Past Chief
Mike Gonserkevis Life Member
Rich Henry Life Member / Past Chief
Todd Heston Life Member
Harry Mills Life Member
Tom Sees Life Member
John Smedley Life Member
Mark Wrotny Life Member


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