Sewell Banquet Hall
Owned and operated by the Sewell Volunteer Fire Company, Sewell, NJ


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Sewell Banquet Hall undergoes renovations!!!

The Sewell Fire Company renovated their banquet hall in April, 1999. They removed the existing wall paneling, overhead lighting and stage. They then installed sheet rock on the walls with wood wainscoting on the lower part of the walls. Incandescent lighting was installed in the ceiling and trac lighting was placed to highlight the food serving area and other special interest areas. Brass and "milk glass" wall sconces were installed on the walls for additional highlighting. Dimmers were used for all of the lighting to allow the lighting level to be adjusted to suit the occasion.

The room was finished by painting the ceiling white, the walls a light cream color and the wood wainscoting was fireproofed leaving it a natural color.

In July the foyer leading into the hall was given the same treatment. With new sheet rock walls, wood wainscoting and brass ceiling fan/light fixtures, the foyer provides an elegant entrance into an elegant hall.

Below are pictures taken during the renovation. They show just a few of the many members of the Sewell Fire Company who pitched in and added their skills to make the Sewell Banquet Hall perfect for your special occasion.


Firefighter Bill Johnson secures furring strips.

Firefighter Bill Johnson securing furring strips

Firefighter/EMT Tome Rementer prepares wall for sheet rock.

Firefighter/EMT Tom Rementer preparing a wall for new sheet rock

Firefighter Bob Rishel, Sr. gets ready to hang sheet rock.

Firefighter Bob Rishel Sr getting ready to hang sheet rock

Fiefighter Dave Block cuts foam insulation for walls.

Firefighter Dave Block cutting foam insulation for the walls

Firefighter Ward Hutton works on the wainscoating at bar window.

Firefighter Ward Hutton measuring wainscoting treatment for bar window

Firefighter/EMT Tom Rementer replaces ceiling tiles.

Firefighter/EMT Tom Rementer replacing ceiling tiles


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