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Sewell Fire Company

Mantua Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

Maltese Cross

Fire District 22

Station 22 - 4, Squad 22 - 4


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Our Objective

      It is the objective of the Sewell Fire Company to protect the general safety of our community as pertains to fire, flood, storm or other disastrous occurrence. We strive to provide and maintain the best equipment possible to attain these objectives. We act at all times to promote and protect the best interest of our community and township.


About Our Organization

      The Sewell Fire Company is an all volunteer organization of men and women dedicated to preserving life and property. We are one of four fire companies  providing fire protection to the 14,200 residents of Mantua Township. Our district covers 20 square miles with 4,917 housing units. (2000 US Census)

The other fire companies in our township are:

  • Center City Fire Company / Station 22 - 3

      The Sewell Fire Company is also home of the Sewell Ambulance Squad which provides free emergency and transport ambulance service to the residents and visitors of Sewell and surrounding areas.

The other ambulance squads in our township are:

  • Mantua Township Ambulance Corps / Squad 22 - 9
  • Center City Ambulance / Squad 22 - 8


Interested in Volunteering?

      The Sewell Fire Company welcomes anyone interested in learning more about our organization to stop by the fire house any Tuesday or Thursday evening or anytime you see the doors open. Or send us an e-mail at   fireinfo@sewellfireco.com  

      Wondering what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter? Willingness and desire to help fellow members of your community. We provide the training necessary to accomplish these goals as a firefighter and or Emergency Medical Technician.

      We conduct drills the first and third Tuesdays of the month. On the second and fourth Tuesdays we conduct business meetings starting at 8:00pm. Thursday evenings we usually get caught up with station chores. So stop by and check us out.


Want to visit?

      Stop by anytime you see the doors open or the above listed times. We love showing off our station and trucks. Children are always welcome. To schedule a visit in advance send us an e-mail at  visitus@sewellfireco.com .


Always Ready To Respond

      The members of the Sewell Fire Company are on call 24  hours a day, 365 days a year. The fire company and ambulance are dispatched by the Gloucester County Emergency Response Center located in Clayton, New Jersey.

      Whenever there is a need for the fire company's service, the Response Center transmits a series of tones that activate the pagers (small radio receivers) that are carried by all members of the fire company. Once activated the pagers receive voice messages from the Response Center that relay to the members the type of emergency service necessary and the location their service is needed. The "tones" also activate the fire siren that sounds for all fire calls.


Our "Tones"

      To hear our tones . The first two tones "trip" the pagers, the second two tones "sound" the fire siren. The warble after the tones alerts  the members that they are about to receive a voice message.


Action Photos

      The Sewell Fire Company runs approximately 225 fire calls per year and 300 ambulance calls per year. Fire calls include response to alarm systems, brush fires, dwelling/building fires, motor vehicle fires, motor vehicle accidents and assist police calls. Ambulance calls include medical emergencies and trauma emergencies.

To see some of our action visit the following pages:

Smoke House Page 2

Smoke House Page 1



      The Sewell Fire Company responds with one ladder truck, 2 pumpers, one brush truck and one ambulance. Visit our Apparatus page to learn more about our vehicles. 


      The Sewell Fire Company has approximately 25 Active members along with numerous Exempt and Contributing members. View our memorial to deceased members and our membership roster on our Membership page.


It All Started With A Card Game In 1910!

      Check out how the Sewell Fire Company came into being and other historic milestones in the Fire Company's 90 year's of service. Visit our History page.


Line of Duty Death Memorial

      In Gloucester County the year 2001 started out with the tragedy of Verga Fire Company's Firefighter Jim Heenan, who was injured in a house fire and succumbed to his injuries 3 months later. September 11, 2001 brought us all even more tragedy. The year 2002 saw tragedy again when 3 Camden County firefighters were killed attempting to rescue three little girls, who also died in the fire. Please take a moment to visit our LODD Memorial page and say a prayer for our fallen comrades.


Notice To Our Guests

     "I am on 24 hour volunteer duty to save life & property from the dangers of fire!        In case of a fire alarm, go back to sleep or finish your meal or continue to enjoy your visit. Lord willing, I'll return."

      The Sewell Fire Company dedicates this prayer to the memory of those firefighters who did not return, for they gave their lives in the line of duty.  

Visit the Fireman's Prayer page.

      When the tones go out there is usually a loved one waiting for the firefighter to return, praying that the firefighter will return home unharmed. The Sewell Fire Company dedicates this prayer to the firefighter's loved ones who wait and pray.

Visit the Fireman's Wife's Prayer page.


Fire Safety & Prevention

The Sewell Fire Company conducts various Fire Safety programs throughout the year. During Fire Prevention Week in October crews visit the local schools to conduct special programs.  To schedule a Fire Safety program e-mail us at FireSafety@sewellfireco.com 

For the best in Fire Safety & Prevention information visit our Fire Safety & Prevention page.


Calendar of Activities

The Sewell Fire Company meets regularly for drills, meetings and other events. Visit our Activities Calendar to see upcoming events.


Other Points of Interest

   Want to trade company patches? We are looking for patches from all over the world. Visit our Patch Swap page.  Looking for some good links. Our Links page has some great ones. There are links pointing to sites of local interest, sites of local and distant fire companies and other fire service related  sites.  

Thanks again for stopping by!  


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